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Leaving Cert Harmony (pdf)

harmony revision 2014
(For PPMTA revision day)

Leaving Cert Music Course B

LC Course B
(For PPMTA Conference)


new soundtrack for car ad
(Soundtrack by LC student)

Modelling Musique Concrète (pdf)

slides for conference
(For SMI Conference)

Froebel Conference 2012
(For IFS Conference)
End it with a pop!

link to beansprouts-ecoli video
by JC student)
Asking the 'right' questions (pdf)

musique concrète: asking questions
(For RIME Conference)
Secondary Music CPD: a review (slides)

review of music cpd 2011-2011
(For RIME Conference)
smei conference paper
(For SMEI Conference )
presented at ppmta conference october 2011
(For PPMTA Conference)

Leaving Cert Music: Aural Skills (pdf)

lc revision aural skills january 2011

(For PPMTA LC Revision)

(For TY workshops)
(For TY workshops)

Melting Clocks (after Dali)

(Soundtrack by TY students)


Somerton Music School Website

home page for somerton music school website
(Birr, Co Offaly)

Being Practical and Creative with ICT (pdf)

technology inservice
(For SLSS)

Support notes for Children's Music CD

notes for teachers and parents
(For Lyric FM)

illustrating music
(For TeachNet)

Sound Stories

sound stories
(For TeachNet)

Traditional Irish Music (pdf)

traditional irish music

Organising Sounds

organising sounds
(Electroacoustic music project)

© NOTES for Leaving Certificate Music

support for new text book
(Textbook and workbooks)

Leaving Cert Melody-writing (Slides)

slideshow accompanying talk about melody-writing
(For PPMTA LC Revision Day)

Post-Primary Music Resources

music quiz number 1
(Music Quizzes for Scoilnet)

Teachers' Melody-writing Workshop (Slides)

teachers' workshop melody
(Slides for PPMTA members)

Travaillons à Paris

travaillons à paris
(For TeachNet)

Lego robotics in the classroom

lego course
(ICT training for Hibernia)

Basic web-design

basic web design
(ICT training for Hibernia)

The Music of Sound II

composing project
(For MITE project)

Harmony for Leaving Certs (Old notes)

leaving cert harmony slides supporting presentation at revision day
(For PPMTA LC Revision Day)

Ode to MITE (at CRITE)

not to be taken too seriously
(For a Laugh)

CRITE Composing workshops 2004

trinity clubhouse
(Composing with Sound Forge at CRITE)

The Music of Sound I

listening project
(For MITE project)

Using IT in Education

Talking about IT in Education

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