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Coach: Des Ryan


Coach: Neil Donnelly


pre-tour photo of hockey team with Des Ryan

pre-tour photo of soccer team with Neil Donnelly


  • Please click on the pictures above to get larger photos.
  • Each girl was asked to write about a particular activity, event or match.Those who submitted a report have links from their names below.
Claire Conroy  

Lauren Brown

Eimear Dennis  

Ashleigh Burke

Zoe Dromgoole  

Rosie Cully

Rachael Duddy  

Amy Curley

Alissa Fitzsimons  

Lisa Donnelly

Lesley-Anne Goldrick Kelly  

Lorraine Emmett

Maria Gormley, All-Star  

Niamh Kelly

Michelle Gormley  

Tara McIntyre

Michelle Headon  

Carla Moran, All-Star

Susan Howard  

Roisin Morgan Donnelly

Barbara Markey  

Sarah O'Donnell

Clodagh McCarthy  

Eilis O'Leary

Lisa McMahon  

Alison Rodgers

Ailbhe McNeela    
Deirdre McSharry    
Laura Murphy   Just interested in the photos?
Grainne O'Halloran    

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