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Day 6
Sunday, 3rd July, 2005
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Report: Ashleigh Burke (Soccer Team, 6th Year 2005)

Today was our first full day with our billeting families. Most of them had this day planned for months. Alison Rodgers and I stayed in the Brown Family home.

Gordon and Gloria were the most welcoming and friendly people I have ever met. They brought us out on the CityCat boat which brought us up the Brisbane river. I enjoyed this thoroughly. We got off to stop for coffee and lunch and then we headed for home.

That evening, we had a BBQ at the house with Gordon and Gloria's three sons; they told us about their lives and showed us how Australian life was so different to that of the Irish lifestyle. After dinner, Alison and I went to our rooms and psyched up for the upcoming match on Monday.

My Australian Tour 2005 Highlight

Today was one of the best days on the tour for me as I began to experience Australian Culture. We spent only a few days with this family but I now think of them as friends for life. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I would like to thank Mr. Carpenter and the Brown Family for making this week one to remember.

We're excited after
another win

ailbhe with billet

Here is one of our billeting families with Ailbhe