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Day 8
Tuesday, 5th July, 2005

Report 1 - Rachael;         Report 2 - Róisin

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  Report: Rachael Duddy (Hockey Team, 4th Year 2005)

Today we had a nice early rise, having to be at Forest Lake College for 7.15am! We had a fantastic chauffeur by the name of Mr. Carpenter who only made two wrong turns on the way. (Ahh, only messing… it was just one!)

(For the record, I made NO wrong turns - Mr Carpenter)

Our first game began at 9.00am against a Brisbane team called Lourdes Hill. The girls played their hearts out and it paid off in the end as Michelle Headon scored a fantastic goal, and that was the winning goal. The girls came off the pitch with great joy and there was a bit of a sing-song (surprise , surprise).

Next came another match at 12.40 against Chevalier College (from New South Wales Country). Unfortunately we didn't do as well as we did earlier that morning but, ah well, what can you do? (and 4 - 0 isn't that bad of a result anyways). Now, moving on to the most important event of the day……….. the Athletes Dance Party!

Despite the dodgy music I think most of the girls had a great laugh! Whether it was doing Irish Dancing in the middle of a big circle, or making friends with the New Zealand boys (Irish chicks are hot), English boys and even the Aussies. We all came out of the dance on a high, and would you 'féach ar sin', the night was over and back to the billets we went (singing all the way of course)!

My 2005 Australian Tour Highlights

My favourite moment of the whole trip was when we were on the Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise learning how to surf!!! My God, it was absolutely impossible to begin with but it was a great laugh. I don't know how many times a surfboard skimmed my head. Only a couple of people got the hang of it by the end ….. the only ones I know of are Tara and Grainne, so well done guys! It was a great experience and I loved every minute of it.

claire, rachael and new pals

Friendly opponents

rachel dances

Rachael danced - a lot

grainne surfs

Grainne surfed - just about


Report: Roisin Morgan Donnelly (Soccer Team, 4th Year 2005)

Manor House School v Cavendish Road State HS (1 - 5)

Manor House School v Bayside (5 - 0)

We met, as usual, at the River City Church in New Farm at 9.00am. That day we would play Cavendish Road, a soccer school 'of excellence' that recruits players from all over Queensland, and also Bayside, a local team that had many under-age but skilful players.

Match One: Manor House School v Cavendish Road.

We started out well keeping it to 2 - 0 in the first half but lost it as their skilled number 8 put another three goals in. We did get one back through a last ditch effort by Carla Moran. Unfortunately, the final result was that we lost 5 - 1. During that match our goalkeeper, Lorraine Emmett received an injury and our good friends at Katikati helped us once again by lending us Michelle. The team that day was Lorraine Emmett, Eilis O'Leary, Rosie Cully, Lisa Donnelly, Alison Rodgers, Amy Curley, Sarah O'Donnell, Ashleigh Burke, Carla Moran, Niamh Kelly and Tara McIntyre.

Match Two: Manor House School v Bayside Soccer Academy.

Lorraine could not play in this match as she had received a Grade 2 Tear in her groin muscle so I played in goal. I was just returning from having torn my ankle ligaments and I couldn't wait to play. The team's spirit was a little down after the Cav. Road match so a huge effort was put into this match. Carla our top scorer got three goals whilst Sarah and Amy got one goal each. This match turned out to be very funny with two Manor House players falling on their faces while Rosie Cully caught the ball between her knees and ran several steps with it still there.

The goal of the game came from our forward Carla Moran, she brought it down the right wing and swung it in with the right foot, it was from outside the 18 yard box but it still sailed into the back of the net. The crowd that watched the match enjoyed the displays of skill by Amy Curley and Sarah O'Donnell.

After the match we transferred to New Farm Park Junior Soccer Club. We all had showered and got ready for the Disco that was to be held in BBC. We had great fun there making friends with different nationality teams especially with the English Rugby team whom we met up with after the tournament. Lauren Brown, a midfielder for Manor House made a good friend of Martin. She asked me to say 'hi' to you. Also a 'hello' to Phil! During the disco a dance-off was held between the teams and the south African soccer boys team won without doubt embarrassing the other teams. It was a brill day and night and I really enjoyed it.

My 2005 Australian Tour Highlights

  • Carla Moran's Goal on Tuesday 5th of July
  • Playing the Bayside match on the main pitch in front of the crowd
  • Amy showboating
  • Disco and the English Rugby Team
  • Lauren & Martin
  • Break Dancing Competition

defending the goal

Another goal?


roisin learns how to surf

Surfing lesson


Anyone got another photo to illustrate this report?

yellow square


Let's have a look.