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Day 11
Friday, 8th July, 2005
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Report: Michelle Headon (Hockey Team, 4th Year 2005)

06.30, Friday morning and my alarm rings and I drag myself out of bed and organise my gear for our final day of the Southern Skies Tournament. Bright and early at 7.15 we meet at Forest Lake College to make our final journey to the State Hockey Stadium. We all seemed to have mixed feelings, on one hand we could now relax but on the other we would really miss the fun we had on and off the pitch and the friends we had made.

9.00, the first match versus Moreton Bay College. It started well with Rachael Duddy scoring an impressive goal in the first few minutes. However from then on it all went a bit downhill. The final score was 7 - 1. However that didn't dampen our spirits, it was the last day and we were determined to enjoy it. We did our warm down as usual accompanied by us belting out a few Irish tunes 'Irelands Call', 'Fields of Athenry' and 'Molly Malone'.

Later that afternoon we played our good friends Tawa College, New Zealand and after a good game we drew 0 - 0. The two teams that reached the final were All Hallows and the BWHA team that we had become good friends with. We sat in the stands and cheered for our newly made friends. However in the end they were closely defeated by All Hallows.

After a short awards presentation in which our own Maria Gormley received a place in the All Star team, we piled onto the bus our spirits even higher after we were told we should have received an award for team spirit. My final night in Forest Lake was spent saying goodby to everyone I had met over the week. Taking plenty of photos and of course staying up trying to fit everything into my suitcase.

My 2005 Australian Tour Highlights

One of the most enjoyable days of the trip was the day we spent in Forest Lake College. The day began with a tour of the school and grounds. We were then allowed to go to whichever classes in Grades 10 - 12. Firstly I went to a double dance class. It was an amazing class to watch as it isn't offered as a subject in Ireland. Next it was woodwork. We spent about 3 classes making boomerangs from scratch, which we were very proud of. We then took them for a test flight and we were astounded by the fact some of them actually worked! We all had so much fun that day and made a few new friends.

michelle about to swim with dolphins

At Seaworld

fiona and mr ryan at a hockey match

Fiona and Mr Ryan
at a hockey match

On the bus