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Day 12
Saturday, 9th July, 2005
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Report: Barbara Markey (Hockey Team, 4th Year 2005)

Early Saturday morning we waved goodbye to our billet families. There were a few tears to begin with but the crying stopped when we heard about a big outlet centre where we were going to shop.

We arrived at Harbour Town Outlet shopping centre and were brought into a reception area where we were presented with a discount card and a map of where all the shops were. We arrived back on the bus with bulging shopping bags.

We then drove down to the Gold Coast where we checked into the Mercure Resort, where most of us got lost going to our rooms! We then changed and went down to the pool where Mr. C tried and failed to do handstands in the water.

After we dried off we set off for the Hard Rock Café stopping at a massive fairground rides on the way. Alissa and I went on a huge ride that chucked us up in the air and spun us all around. It was brilliant! We then went to eat, whilst stopping and admiring shops on the way. We were served quickly at the Hard Rock Café and everyone really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. We then stopped at an ice cream parlour on the way back to the hotel. We staggered up to our rooms, stomachs full and happy. It was a fantastic day!


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