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Day 13
Sunday, 10th July, 2005

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Report: Lauren Brown (Soccer Team, 4th Year 2005)

My day at Seaworld was amazing. I had the best time ever. When we got there we went to the shark bay where we saw Nemo, Dorie and Co along with many other cool-looking fish, sharks and rays. It was cool. Some of the photos I took may also be displayed on this website.

After the shark bay, we went to see the Polar Bears which were very boring so we went to see a dolphin show which was class. The dolphins did all sorts of tricks with a simple signal from their trainers.

When the show was finished, we went on some of the rides which included 'the Bermuda triangle', 'the Corkscrew' rollercoaster, 'the flume' and 'the pirate ship'. Some people went swimming with sharks.

After all of the tummy-upsetting rides, I went swimming with the dolphins. This lasted 30 minutes. We played with them, danced with them, shook their fins, and held them in our hands while getting a photo taken.

My Australian Tour 2005 Highlights

The day in Seaworld was one of the best experiences in my life, along with climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Australia was the trip of a life time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and did not want to come home!


Surfers' Paradise

Lisa, Sarah and me - ready to swim with the dolphins