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Day 14
Monday, 11th July, 2005
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Report: Maria Gormley (Hockey Team, 6th Year 2005) Vice Captain

Today was a day for surfing and sunbaking, and of course more shopping! To get to the surf centre, we all walked along the beach, by the water, and found it highly amusing when Claire Conroy got caught up to waist height with water when the tide came in. We had about an hour to spare before our lesson began so, we all scattered towards the shops (City Beach, in particular).

We met at the surf shop, where we were kitted out with wetsuits, T-shirts and surfboards. This meant our changing in the middle of a busy street, however nobody seemed to notice. My attempts at surfing were laughable, however I did succeed in standing for half a second before a big wave knocked me down. At one stage I got a smack over the head with Rosie's board, I returned the favour by hitting Lisa Donnelly with my own board.

After surfing we walked back to the Mercure Hotel where we showered and had lunch. We then packed our bags (- it was a tight squeeze -) onto the bus. From there we drove to Brisbane Domestic Airport, where it was unusual not to be asked for our passports at all.

We arrived in Sydney airport at approximately 8.30pm and we were then transferred to our hotel in Sydney, the Pacific International Inn on George Street. We just had time for a quick trip to the 7/11 to stock up on grub, before we dragged our weary bones to bed.

My 2005 Australian Tour Highlights

  • Playing my final hockey match for Manor House in Australia
  • Experiencing a 'Dance' (Irish Chicks are hot!)
  • Billeting with families and becoming part of their family
  • BBQ at Mr. Carpenter's Family House and the sing song after (the first of many!)
  • Swimming with Sharks
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
  • Dreamworld with my Billeting Family
  • Surfing

maria in action


mr carpenter, maria and claire about to surf

Mr C, Claire and me

maria surfs

It's not as easy
as it looks