Making two interlinked pages

Here is a step by step account of how to set up two interlinked web pages. There are 12 basic stages.

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How to make an anchor work

How to zip and send your folder

General information



Create a new folder for your website by right-clicking on the Desktop and scrolling to New and Folder.
Call it by your name (e.g. bradpitt). Within that folder create another folder, called images.

image of newly created folder
The main folder


Copy or paste the pictures and images you need into the images folder.

  • The Discovery Education site supplies clip art with a school theme; make sure you obey their copyright requirements;
  • you can find images through Google - NB - check copyright - or, best of all,
  • you can insert images from your own camera.

They will be in .jpg or .gif format




image of google logo



Click on either

  • the Netscape icon on your Desktop or
  • Start - Programs - Netscape - Composer


image of Composer icon

The Netscape Composer icon looks like a little page. Do not confuse it with Netscape Navigator.


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Immediately save the blank page into the folder. Make sure you do not save it into the images folder.

File - Save as... index

Your folder should look like this >>>

image of folder with subfolder


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Format - Page title and properties

Call the page a name that the user will see at the top left hand corner of the Title bar e.g. Home page about Brad Pitt.

image of page properties





image of thumb tack

The page title is descriptive.
It could be:

"All about
Jennifer Aniston"


"Films of Brad Pitt"


"Interesting Links"


Your submissions folder should contain three items:

  • two web pages (one of which is called index) and
  • an images folder containing only the images used in the project

final folder


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To create the second page, File - New - Composer

Save as... page2

Format - Page title and properties. Type in what you want the user to see on the top left corner of the page (in the Title bar) e.g. Films that Brad Pitt starred in.

If you want to change colours (e.g. links, active links, visited links, background) click on Format - Colours and background

image of title bar


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Open the index.html page. (You may use a table at this point if you wish.)

Insert - image. This comes from the images folder.

Write alt text e.g. image of brad linking to brad website

Write some content. Make it relevant.

Select the words Page 2 and make a link to page2.html


image of brad linking to a website


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Open the page2.html page.

Insert - image. Write alt text e.g. image of jennifer linking to friends website

Write some content. Make it relevant.

Select the words Home and make a link to index.html

image of jen linking to a "Friends" site



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Make the images link to something - perhaps an Internet site.

Select the image and type in the relevant address.

Click on the images of Brad and Jen on this page and see where they take you.





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Sort out the content and the look of the page - for example, change the font from Times New Roman to Arial, Comic or Verdana.

Write your name at the bottom with a copyright symbol © at the bottom. Select it and make an e-mail link by typing the following mailto:your own e-mail address (e.g. Save.



image of thumb tack on a notice

Instructions on how to zip a folder are found here


image of winzip shortcut icon




To check how your website will look on the Internet, exit Composer and go straight to your folder. Double click on the index page.


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Finally, zip the folder. If you cannot find it, look in My Documents.




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