Building a website using free tools

There is a 12-step guide at

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Netscape Composer is a free web page editor. What You See Is What You Get - WYSIWYG.

Download it at

Netscape Navigator is a browser, not an editor

Netscape Navigator 8 does not have Composer. Look for 7.2 in the Archived products section. Here is a link to a useful site that will explain all.

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image of winzip logo linking to winzip site
Winzip logo

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If you do not have Winzip on your computer you can download it from

Learn how to zip a folder on the Winzip site or...

How to zip and send a folder

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Kathy Schrock has free cartoons based on school themes on her clipart page:

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If you want to make an e-mail link in your website,

  • type in some text (e.g. E-mail me)
  • select the text and go to the Links menu
  • type in mailto:your e-mail address
  • e.g.

image of envelope in a circle linking to amhiggins's e-mail address

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You should download IrfanView if you haven't found it on your Induction disc.

Get it at

You will be able to create buttons or alter images and pictures by using this software.

image of irfanview logo linking to irfanview website

IrfanView logo

To find a picture on the Internet, go to

Click on the Images link and type in what you are looking for. Make sure to use inverted commas if you have more than one word and use a + sign if the words or phrases are not necessarily meant to appear in a particular order
e.g. "Jamie Cullum"+"jazz". (Who is Jamie Cullum?)

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Here is a site where you can get some information about

©Lego Mindstorms

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