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Basic web creation

winzip icon

Download WinZip

Then click on the .exe file

Create a shortcut to your Desktop



Drag your folder containing your two web pages and the images folder into the WinZip icon (not vice versa). The word WinZip will go blue.

zipping - step 1

image of thumb tack on a notice

If you're having difficulty zipping the folder, go back to the Winzip website and look at their instructions. The main thing is to get the Wizard window to open up. After that just keep clicking Next and OK.


Click on Use Evaluation Version. Try to get the 'Wizard' to open.

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zipping - step 2




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If you're told that "WinZip cannot open this file" just click OK


zipping - step 3


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Click Next when you eventually see this window.

zipping - step 4


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Next, create a new Zip file

zipping - step 5






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Write the name of your folder here

zipping - step  6


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Then, click on Add folders

zipping - step 7



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You are asked to browse, to find your folder.

zipping - step 8



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When you've added your folder (not files), click on Zip Now

zipping - step 9





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If you want to e-mail the zipped folder through Outlook Express, then all you have to do is click on Mail this Zip file

zipping - step 10








But, do not click on the button that says "Mail this Zip file..." if you wish to save the zipped folder before sending it. Instead, click on Next. The zipped folder will be in My Documents. (Why? That's where zipped stuff goes). Finished!

(Oh, don't forget to identify yourself.)

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zipping - step 11

If you compare the size of the zipped folder with the original you'll see that zipping it made a difference. This will matter when you're trying to send large websites e.g. the Lego one with the photos. You are only allowed 500k for that.


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