"Mendicant Rumba"
(incumbent drama)

A short sound capture
(mp3 - 330k)


MITE = Masters in IT in Education.
CRITE = Centre for Research in IT in Education.
All the other acronyms appeared during the course.

In this course we were urged to reflect

On our actions, both cause and effect:

How to weave IT dreams
Into innocent schemes;
Pedagogical sins we'd reject.

Early on we found out that in CRITE

They use acronyms - these may seem trite.

Are these real words at all?
Well, they're easy for trainees in MITE.

Then the PC became a Mindtool.
(God, 'twas hard to learn that and stay cool.)

When such theories unfurled
I’d swear all our toes curled.
(No one ever does that in my school.)

-isms spelt with a V or an N
What goes on in the heads of those men?

Skinner’s ways we abhor.

Papert says, "you'll Seymour
When your schools are all gone..." (- er, that's when?)

Now we know about Webquests and such
And the Meta has changed us so much.
Blowing storms through our mind
Lego bits made us blind

Worry not! We worked sensors with touch.

Discussin’ and readin’ and swottin’

We certainly did take a lot in.

While reviewin’ the lit

Focused hard, picked a nit...

Our English improved somethin' rotten.

N our rtefax mst get a mntion
As dey causd lotsa pain n som tnsion
Der ws txtin n wailin
Losin vowls n emailin
2B frank dey desrvd les disension

Since we learned how to Flash up our files

Brendan, Macu and Tim have had piles

Of MITE work to correct.

It’s no wonder they’re wrecked.

As we left, did you see their big smiles?

** The title and subtitle are anagrams of the three lecturers' names: Brendan, Macu and Tim. Their voices are used, together with Oliver's ('Flash it up!) and James ('Will that do ya?'). Thanks to all - also to James for his Drumsteps Rumba beat. Recorded at the CRITE Showcase 2004 in Trinity College Dublin

    AMH 18 June, 2004