This page appeared on the Manor House website during the 2002 - 2003 school year


Hyperscore clodagh dack's piece

Clodagh Dack, 3rd year, has a piece called Musical Staircase on the Toy Symphony website.
Fiona Quigley, 3rd year
, and Deirdre McSharry, 2nd year, were also part of the Irish group who were tutored in this new computer program last Easter (2002).

Clodagh and a boy from Newpark Comprehensive were chosen to have their Hyperscore work performed in the National Concert Hall by the National Symphony Orchestra in May 2002. They are the only Irish students featured on this site which is attached to the prestigious Massachussetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T). The site demonstrates new musical toys - Beat Bugs, Shapers, Hyperviolin and Hyperscore. Clodagh, Fiona and Deirdre were trained by Tod Machover's team at weekly sessions in the Ark and at the Medialab.

To hear a MIDI version of Clodagh's piece click here.

To see how the piece looks in Hyperscore, you need to download the program itself.
(The Hyperscore program is downloadable and is free.)